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How COVID-19 Has Affected eCommerce and Digital Marketing

First and foremost, we hope everyone is safe and healthy out there with everything going on. We really appreciate having you in our community. Some of our networks/clients posed questions about how COVID-19 has -- and has not—affected eCommerce/internet business in this unprecedented time. I thought it can be a good idea if I share it with you all. I thought it can be a good idea if I share it with you all. Ps: (If you are not our client, I would be happy to respond to all your questions as well. Please don’t hesitate to contact me). Traffic graphic: Screen 1. Source: Neil Patel There are still many uncertainties regarding how fast and far COVID-19 will spread worldwide,...

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How eCommerce Companies can be Successful 2020

Let's talk about a little bit of "success" for eCommerce companies.? We created five dimensions and called it "Break the Surprise Egg".? Everybody talks about eCommerce successful but nobody says exactly what you need after launching your web site as a business side.? 1st: Team Yes, the team is key! You don't have to know everything about eCommerce business but hire your agency or team with below skills:? - There are generalists and specialists. Don't forget!? Focus on generalists. They will tell you exactly what you need for your overall business. They have a vision for the aspect of all eCommerce business. If you work with any entrepreneur, you are lucky! Because they will wear your hat so many times.?...

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Why eCommerce Businesses Fail

We work very hard to find out why eCommerce companies fail in their first year (80%). Even though they have money, transactions, team why they end up after 2-4 years later shut down. The Weird Company's mission is to provide the best solutions for the clients. For this reason, innovation is the main business model to solve the problem for eCommerce entrepreneurs. While searching for the failure reason, I met Zullily's story. on Failory. Before this, our hypothesizes are below which supported hundreds of company experiences: Definition of priorities Definition of quarterly goals Focusing on paid marketing without holistic approaches (growth hacking tactics, SEO, integration of offline-online channels) Team structure Marketing knowledge Lack of information about the market and competitors...

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Tiktok Marketing Strategies 2019

A short history of TikTok (Hootsuite) Since the app launched in 2016, TikTok’s user base has grown to include more than 500 million people. It’s also just passed the one billion-downloads mark. It shows no sign of slowing down, with a whopping 75 million sign ups in December 2018—up 275% from the previous year. Those aren’t the only landmark figures worth noting. The app, which is especially popular with Gen Z, has already courted controversy. In early 2019 they found themselves in hot water over child privacy law violations. In response, TikTok has increased security measures and launched online safety campaigns, teaming up most recently with Internet Matters. But is TikTok as big a deal as it seems? Is TikTok...

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Subscription Based Marketing Services Agency vs Traditional Agency

"The design of the subscription-based model is such that you don’t just work together on one project and each of your moves on. It requires that both of you understand that you’re in it for the long haul. Meaning, as the service provider, building a relationship with the client is paramount." Adweek I was sitting in our first office in Soho last year November. The company web site wasn't ready, and I decided to create a different business model. I jot down which problems need to solve for an agency and their clients. I was lucky to know both sides problems, and as an entrepreneur, I could see the solution.? The solution was a "subscription-based pricing model."? (Yes, firstly I...

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